Thursday, 27 March 2014

My Shower Routine ♡ (Product Reviews) ♡

Good afternoon Girls (& maybe some boys) 

While I was having my lovely morning shower, I thought you guys may like to be let in on my in shower products & after shower products! & also a little review on some of the items used. I don't really ever have a bath so I like to use some yummy products in my shower to make it a little more luxurious.

So firstly I wash my hair & I use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner. This duo is amazing and my go to hair products, it smells amazingly coconutty. Coconut is one of the most moisturising fruits out there & is known for its tropical, dreamy scent. Who wouldn't want this in there hair?! My hair was noticably softer after one wash & it adds beautiful shine to your hair. It is very gentle so NO build up which leaves you hair feeling weighed down. Would highly recommend this Shampoo & Conditioner for anyone who has dry or chemically treated hair or for anyone who loves a gorgeous smelly shampoo!!

Secondly I scrub my whole body with Soap & Glory Sugar crush Body scrub. This is my holy grail body scrub & I will never use another scrub again. It leaves my skin super soft & it's sweet lime smell leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean & fresh. I suffer with dry skin & this scrub is my saviour, it is gritty but not too harsh (it has just the right amount of scrub!!). Although this is quite expensive compared to other drugstore body scrubs but you get bang for your buck in the 300ml tub. I used up the last of mine this morning & will be re-purchasing. The packaging has the same theme as other Soap & Glory products, girly, retro, vintage & cute. This is a must have ladies!!

Thirdly I use my Gilette venus razor along with Gilette satin care gel for sensitive skin to shave. Not much to say about these products, I pick the Gilette razor as it glides over the skin and doesn't tug or cut the skin.

Finally in the shower I use, Soap & Glory Clean on me shower cream. I love Soap & Glory and I am a dedicated fan. This shower cream again has cute packaging and conviently has a pump so no more struggling with flicking the lids of shower gels. I must say this product takes a few pumps for it to lather up but once you have it on your skin, its worth the extra few pumps! This shower cream is very luxurious & creamy, and it contains a built in moisturiser which leaves my skin soft & dewy.

So I am all dried off and ready for my moisturiser, I use two different moisturisers for my body, one been Soap & Glory Smoothie star deep moisture body milk. I use this on my legs, my legs are super dry so needs a deep moisturising cream. This comes with a handy pump also and leaves my legs feeling fully moisturised & instantly nourished. It smells amazing, truely feels like I am covering myself in a milky smoothie. It contains softening shea butter, cocoa butter & coconut oil, and has an oats, yogurt & honey formula! How delicious?! But no you can't consume!!

Afterwards I use Soap & Glory Girligo moisturising mist on my upper body. This is super handy as comes in a body spray like packet so all you do is spritz this all over your arms & chest and rub in & your ready to go. It doesnt leave you skin feeling oily or greasy. It smells fresh & leaves a beautiful lingering smell throughout the day. Some of the scents I can get from it are musk, strawberry, peach & jasmine. Perfect!!

So thats my in & out shower routine & I hope you guys will go try some of these products. Bit of a routine formed in mine, Soap & glory appeared a lot, but that just shows how good their products are. If you would maybe like to see my Soap & Glory collection please just comment below. Thanks for reading....& make sure to follow my blog & check out my other social links 

All That Shines - Megan xo 


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  2. I suffer with dry skin & this scrub is my saviour, it is gritty but not too harsh (it has just the right amount of scrub!!).

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