Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Boyfriend TAG! x

Conor :)

Writing in Italics is my own comments, rest of questions and Conor's answers :)

What's the one food she hates?
no idea, depends on the day but she hates prawns and muscles

What shoe size does she wear?4

If she started collecting something what would it be?

Nothing because she hates clutter and would just dump a collection of stuff

What would she eat everyday if she could?

Chinese food
(I want one as I speak)

What is her eye colour?
(they are just blue!)

What is something you do that Megan wished you didn't do infront of her?
Pick my nose
(soo true euwwww)

Whats her fave cereal?

Coco-Rocks or Riceickles
(great spelling or ricicles, but yea correct )

What was your first impression of her?
Cute and quiet

How did you meet?
Steven my cousin introduced us

How long have you been going out?

4 years and 10 months
(best 4 year and 10 months of my life)

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you enjoy it :) 

All that Shines - Megan x

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