Sunday, 8 December 2013

Introducing... ME!!

Hello everyone!!

As you can probably tell, I am new to all this! Quite daunting but at the same time I am very excited about this venture in my life starting RIGHT NOW!!

So to begin I'd like to tell you all a bit about myself.

My name is Megan, I am 23 years old and I live in Ireland. My life has been beyond easy and throughout this experience you will more than likely hear bit by bit about the ups and downs in my life, but at the moment I want to begin this blog on an UP :)

I left secondary school after doing my leaving cert exams which the biggy exams over in Ireland where students stress and do a lot of cramming. I had applied for loads of courses and loads of colleges but I didn't get the offer a wanted so that was a downer, but i went out to a further education college and done admin, all I can say about that is, it was not for me! So i dropped out and took a year out and worked a little and enjoyed 'bumming about' as the Irish call it!

To be honest I never really knew what I wanted to really do, and been truthful its only this last few months I have figured out what my passion is and what I really want to do, and that is make-up artistry :)
Oh but wasn't just as simple as it sounds for me to realize this, I went to college and studied hairdressing, I have been in and out of various jobs, none of them fulfilling my dreams, and I also studied pre-nursing and guess what??? Nope didn't like it!

I always loved make-up since I was young, my friends would always come to me to get their make-up done before nights out and for special occasions, and always, until this day, I have been following some of my favorite bloggers and you-tubers. So since I'm not a schoolee kinda girl, I found this really cool online make-up artist course and I am going to enroll for it after xmas and I am very very excited!

I am going to leave that for now as I don't want to bombard you with 'The life of Megan' and bore the daylights out of you, BUT if you enjoyed my first blog and would like to hear more about me, let me know :) Also if you have any feedback please let me, because I am a newbie.

All that Shines - Megan xx 


  1. New to blogging as well and i know how daunting it feels when starting out.

    Looking forward to your posts.��

    1. Thanks :) I will check out your blog, goodluck with it :) x

    2. Thanks. Goodluck with yours too �� x