Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dramatic Lip and bronze eye tutorial

Hi Dolly birds :) So I had a bit of fun this evening playing around with some make up and thought I might aswell do a kind of tutorial.

I am also not the best at photography lol so pardon the bad pics.

So ladies to start clean your face thoroughly with cleansing wipes

After I cleaned my face and made myself very scary looking, I applied some BB cream as a primer.

Arrghhh :O oh sorry got frightened there haha, I use Rimmel BB cream in the shade light and I applied it using the Real techniques Stippling brush.

I then chose to use my Bourjous Healthy mix foundation in the shade 'Vanille', look this foundation, feels great on my skin and gives good coverage.

I squirted a pea size of the foundation onto my hand and used my Real Techniques expert face brush to buff the foundation into my skin and made sure to leave no seams. To get an even complexion, use a brush like below and buff the foundation using circular motions on your skin. I have a video below of the movement you should be making.

Next I used a palette of concealer I have to contour, I used the lightest shade and spread some under my eyes, middle of forehead and chin and also down the center of my nose, then again buffed in with the expert face brush.

Afterwards, make sure to apply some setting powder with a face brush. I used catrice matte setting powder in the lightest shade. When putting the powder on be sure not to drag the brush across the skin, as you will shift the concealer, so be sure to dab it on gently, especially under the eye area.

Next is my brows, BE WARNED, my eyebrows need doing in this tutorial, they are bushy as hell lol.

I use the catrice brow bar in medium and its a powder product, I use my real techniques angle brush to fill in my brows.

I am not including an image of me doing my eyebrows as they are a disgrace, but if you wish, I can do an eyebrow routine on my blog when they are waxed :)

I apply some Urban decay potion primer before I start my eyeshadow. I really recommend this eye primer.

I decided to use my NYX natural palette and my Urban Decay 'Baked' shadow. In the NYX palette, I used the lightest shade to highlight my brow bone.

From the same palette I used the cream coloured eyeshadow just as an overall base, for all the eyes I am using my real techniques brushes and few topshop brushes, so I just packed on some cream all over my eyelid.

Next I picked a thin delicate brush and I used a dark brown eyeshadow and marked out the crease and outer corner shape on my eye. Note : this is just guidelines and very rough, it will be blended out!!

I then used a big fluffy brush and I blended blended blended!! I took a packing brush and packed some Baked eyeshadow by urban decay on the eyelid and added more brown to the outer corners and crease to add more drama to the eye look, and again I blended it all out.

Next I just applied some gel eyeliner and winged it out and used urban decay mascara to long lashes.

For the lips, I used soap and glory lip balm as a lip primer and applied my rimmel red lippy :)

And voila!!! I am not the best at explaining how to apply makeup etc but I hope you were able to follow it ok :)

All That Shines - Megan :)

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