Sunday, 9 February 2014

My Skincare products & reviews

Good evening everyone, Hope you are enjoying the last of a great weekend :) I thought since I am having a squeaky clean, fresh faced sort of a day, I would share with you the products I use in my skincare routine and also do a review on each product. When it comes to skincare, I find it hard to find products that work for my skin. I have normal skin with dry areas and I am prone to break outs on my chin, but I feel these products are my savior when it comes to spots and blemishes! So lets begin :)

1. Primark Beauty - 4 in 1 gentle cleansing wipes. I use these wipes to remove my make-up before I wash my face. These are the only wipes I can use on my skin that don't break me out. If you have sensitive skin and can't seem to find a cleansing wipe for you defiantly try these. They are great value for money as you get a twin pack for only €1.50. 

2. Soap & Glory Clarity face wash - I use a pea sized amount of this face wash and apply it on dampened skin, I rub it in until a foam appears. I love the feeling this face wash gives your skin while using it, it gives a cooling, tingling sensation and how bright and fresh your skin looks after use is amazing. My skin feels a little tight after I use it but moisturiser sorts that right out. This is for oily/combination skin so works brilliant for any kind of skin. I have normal/dry skin and works great for me. It is packed with vitamin c and super-fruit plum which is natural extract which brightens tired, dull skin. This is only €6.33 in boots at the moment and is bargain as it lasts long.

3. Moisturiser - I have two favourite moisturisers and jump between the two of them and use a different one each night. Firstly is, Garnier moisture match goodbye dry, which is the pink packaged one, this moisturiser is my holy grail of all moisturisers. This product is sooo hydrating and nourishing on the face, it is a thick and creamy consistency and makes your skin super soft. Garnier have 5 of these moisturisers and they are all for different skin types, the one I have is for dry to very dry skin. It is enriched with shea butter,Camellia oil, omega 3& 6, which all have intense nourishing properties. This is a thick heavy product but quickly absorbs into the skin. My second fave moisturiser is Soap & Glory feel good factor with spf 25, I like to use this one in the morning underneath my make up or before I head out into the world, where as I would use the other at night. This moisturiser has a thinner consistency and may not be as nourishing as the other but is has a good spf. , I buy my Garnier from Primark for €3 and the soap and glory is in boots for a pricey €16.

4. Soap & Glory 'You wont believe your eyes' eye cream. I use this eye cream every morning to alleviate the appearance of tired, puffy eyes. It has illuminating pigments that give a wide eyed, more awake look and with the 360 degrees roller top it is easy to apply. This is the only eye cream I have used that you notice a difference straight away. I highly recommend it. This is €14 in most drugstores.

5. Lastly, sometimes if I have some nasty spots I use the Soap & Glory 'Dr.Spot' spot cream. This reduces the redness in spots straight away and have soothing effect on them too. It is a clear gel, so you can apply whenever or where-ever you please without a noticeable white blob on you spots making them stand out even more. This spot cream has witch hazel in it, which neutralizes the PH balance of your skin and also has vitamins A, C, E & B3 to stimulate circulation, brighten dark spots and exfoliates the skin. Good spot cream for them whoppers we all get now and again. It is just under €10.

So guys, that is my daily skincare products that I use. I think all these products are worth a try, I was not disappointed by any of these and will defiantly be buying them again when I run out.

I hope this post was OK and that you enjoyed reading it.

Please comment below with your thoughts or if you have any suggestions on any other skincare products you think I would like.

Thank you

All That Shines - Megan x

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