Thursday, 6 February 2014

My Make-up Must Haves

Hi all...

Tonight I decided to share my 'Make-up must haves' with you all. These are what I think are the most essential products you need in your make-up collection. If you are starting out experimenting with make-up, this post may help you choose what products are staple with a fresh make-up look.

1. To help create a smooth base for your foundation, a good primer is essential. I love the 'Catrice- Prime and fine' primer. I find it real smooths out any imperfections and creates an amazing base for foundation to sit well on your skin.

2. Since we now have a smooth base all ready, time to find a foundation that suits your skin. I have quite normal skin but at times my nose can become a combination of oily and dry, so I found that 'Bourjous Healthy mix' foundation worked a treat on my skin. It lasts brilliantly and blends in very well. It improved the condition of my skin slightly which is a bonus, as most foundations have a tendency to dry out your skin. I wear the shade 'vanilla' and it matches perfect!

3. A good foundation brush is 'the' must have of all must haves, if you invest in a good quality brush it makes all the difference to the appearance of your foundation. I have tried and tested many foundation brushes but my holy grail brush, is the the Real Techniques 'expert face brush'. This brush does not shed any bristles, and so dense and thick. It doesn't soak up loads of the product so there is no waste. It applies the foundation smoothly and buffs it in seamlessly.

4. Under eye bags are a nightmare! They make you look tired and run-down. To give that totally flawless finish, I go for the Rimmel 'Instant anti-age eye eraser'. This concealer is unbelievable, it completely disguises tired eyes and bags. It comes with a handy spongy brush attached to the bottle so all you do is squeeze and apply to the area needed.

5. Now that our base is perfectly flawless, my next 'make up must have' is, an eyebrow pencil. Good eyebrows is a must this year. They frame your face and with a natural make up look they can really become the statement piece of your look. I like to use the Rimmel eye pencils, they glide on really well and give off a soft and natural look when used correctly. I team it with a brown powder.

6. Mascara!! I have loads of favourite mascaras and it was very hard to decide which I found the best. I decided to go with 'Covergirl - lash blast volume mascara', it doesnt clump, it makes your eyelashes stand out and gives you a flashy look. Mascara can really open your eyes and make them look bigger.

7. Invest in a good lip balm to keep those smackers hydrated and silky smooth. I adore the babylips 'hydrate'.

8. The last 'must have' is bronzer. Contouring is a great way to slim your face and define you cheekbones. It gives the illusion of a more structured face. For bronzer, I think Benefit 'Hoola' is the best. It has a matte finish and is the perfect sunkissed colour. It comes in cute packaging and come with a handy brush which is the perfect shape for contouring.

Thank you for reading my 'make-up must haves' and hopefully this give you a few ideas on what to add to your make up collection :) 

If you have any suggestions for my blog, I would love to hear them :) And any questions I would be glad to answer!

All That Shines - Megan x


  1. Do you have a recommendation for an eye shadow pallete? I hate buying one color at a time so I'd like to get a set but then I'm overwhelmed by so many choices.

  2. For a natural palette I would choose the Naked 1 palette by urban decay, I personally love it because the colours in it really make blue eyes stand out, naked 2 is for green and brown eyes :) And if you are looking for a palette with more vibrant colours, I have the urban decay book of shadows iv! you cant really go wrong with a palette from urban decay, the pigmentation is unreal and they last long :) If you are looking a more affordable palette visit bh cosmetics, they supply amazing palettes for great price. Hope this helped :) x