Tuesday, 4 February 2014

REVIEW: MAC Studio fix fluid

Hello Dollies :)

This is my first review on a product on my blog and I thought I'd start off with quite a popular branded cosmetic. Today I am going to be reviewing MAC studio fix fluid in NC15. I had a voucher and decided to try something new so I could do a review on it. Hopefully you find this useful or insightful and maybe gives you first time MAC buyers some help on choosing the right foundation.

Before I start reviewing the product, I just want to let you know I have normal skin but prone to having dry spots around my nose and my chin breaks out now and again. If I use a super matte foundation my skin goes super dry. I never put my foundation directly onto my skin, I use a bb cream and a primer before applying.


When deciding what shade of foundation with MAC, you must determine whether you are cool toned or warm toned. NC is for cool toned and NW is for, yes you guessed it, warm toned :) People with more yellow in there skin tone usually pick the cool toned and people with a pink red tone pick the warm toned foundation. My skin generally is pink but my body is yellow toned so for my foundation I picked NC15 so it would match my neck and chest. 
NC15 I think is the lightest foundation and I found it matched perfect, so If you are used to using ivory or porcelain shades I would pick NC15. The undertone to this foundation is yellow/neutral. As the shade in foundation is crucial, it is best to go into a MAC store or a MAC counter and let them match your skin to the perfect foundation. Nothing worse than an orange face and white chest!!! I would rate this foundation for the shade match a 4/5.


MAC say this foundation is medium coverage although I really find this foundation full coverage. It covers the redness in my cheeks and around my nose well although I found it didn't cover my spots on my chin very well. This foundation worked well as full coverage on the rest of my skin but failed when came to acne as I felt it caked and made it more apparent. If you are looking for a natural looking foundation this is not the one for you. This makeup is very noticeable and sits on the skin rather than blending into the skin, it looks like you are wearing a full face of makeup. It would be great for a wedding or a special occasion but I never use it for every day use as I feel like my skin cant breath with it on. So for coverage I would give it 3/5.


I was very impressed at how long this foundation lasted on my skin. I put it on in the morning and went about my business and it didn't budge and lasted me the whole day. I had just applied a light dusting of powder over the top and it lasted brilliantly so I defiantly giving a 5/5 for this.


The packaging it very simple, black box and inside just a glass jar with a rubbery textured screw lid which got very dirty and grubby looking easily, but nothing a wet wipe wont sort :) The packaging is straight forward no fuss so I rate it a 4/5.


The finish is semi matte. This makes it easy to use on both dry and oily skin types. Mac also claim that the Studio Fix Fluid “contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimise the appearance of imperfections.” Ill give the finish 4/5.


Overall I am hit and miss with this foundation, I like natural looking foundation with a good coverage. This doesn't tick all the boxes for me, it doesn't cover my spots at all, sits cakey on my skin, and really doesnt let my skin breathe. As I have said, it would be brilliant for special occasions as it lasts so long and makes you feel made up but for everyday natural makeup its a big no no for me. I love Bourjous healthy mix foundation its perfect coverage and works wonders with my skin :) 

If you would like me to do a review on the Bourjous Healthy mix foundation please comment below.

Thank you all for reading and would love to hear what you think of my first review :)

All That Shines - Megan x

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